Diversity Search - Executive Search and Recruitment PartnerDiversity Search is an executive search and recruitment partner to organisations that embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The firm was established in 2017 because we recognised and understood that a workplace diverse in age, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation in addition to experience, thinking style and personality is a key driver to organisational innovation, performance and success. We partner with our clients, which similarly value diversity and inclusion, to recruit senior leadership and management positions; attracting, engaging and securing the very best talent from a diverse candidate pool.

Diversity Search is proud to be a member of the 30% Club Ireland and a voluntary signatory of their Code of Conduct for Executive Search firms, which aims to help organisations achieve gender balance in decision-making roles and hire the right candidate for the job, male or female, from 100% of the talent pool.

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Anne ColemanAnne Coleman, Founder & Director of Diversity Search, has over 15 years’ experience in the recruitment and HR industries in Ireland with more than 10 years gained in leadership roles. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and the value it can deliver to an organisation’s and individual’s success.

She established Diversity Search to offer a unique and innovative solution to organisations in Ireland, challenging the existing market players and how executive search and recruitment has traditionally been delivered.

Anne is highly networked at Leadership/Director level and similarly within the HR leadership community. She is proud of her track record as a trusted partner and advisor to many leading organisations in the Irish market and is known for her honest and pragmatic approach, which has enabled her to forge relationships spanning over a decade with many of her key clients.

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